website hosting

What is Website Hosting?
The easiest thing to relate web hosting to is a parking space.  If you have a website you have to park it somewhere.  That somewhere is a server computer located somewhere in the world.  The server computer holds all of the files that make up your website.  Whenever someone is viewing your website what they are actually doing is receiving copies of those files sent by the server computer.

Just like a parking space in town, there is a cost for renting the space on a server computer.  This cost varies from company to company and depends on what level of service or special online features your website uses.

Martian uses a couple of different companies for different types of sites.

Our WordPress (and custom sites) are usually charged out at a year by year basis at a price between $99 and $199 depending on the size of the site.

Our Business Catalyst sites are hosted on the Adobe Australasia Server and have many different pricing options depending on the type of functionality the site requires and whether the client wants to pay monthly or yearly.  Business Catalyst hosting starts at around $19 per month.

After discussing your website requirements, I will be able to quote both the cost for developing the website and the hosting services required.
(All prices are exclusive of GST)

For more information on hosting prices or website development, please contact me for a quote.

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