website design

Good website design is important, not only for looks, but also for ease of use and good online function.  Your website should be easy to navigate and the content should be relevant and informative. When you are considering your content make sure you are taking into consideration both the visual value AND the informational value of what is being added.
I can help you with both of these areas.

A well designed website will be able to steer visitors to information you want them to view and also prompt them to take action, so you can start generating business with your online marketing tool.

Marketing is also a key factor to successful website design.  After all, a website is a marketing tool.  So when thinking about the type of content you want to include on your website, consider the options below as ways of marketing information about your business to the website visitor:

  • A banner or slideshow advertising key services, products or specials
  • A news page or blog to tell your customers about what you are doing
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Testimonials from happy clients
  • A portfolio of work and/or client showcase
  • Hints, tips or other information you can share with your customers
For more information about designing an attractive, practical website, please contact me.

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