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Tips when planning your website content

Tony Price - Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Building a website is like building a house.  You start with nothing and have to make decisions about every part of the project while keeping in mind the end result you want to achieve.

Like first home builders, web clients often have little idea of what they should have on their new website or what things they need to avoid.  Here are some basic things to keep in mind when discussing your site or planning your content.
  • Make your logo and business name clear and memorable 
  • Keep your site structure and menus logical and orderly 
  • Aim for as few clicks as possible to find something 
  • Don't be afraid of text! It's crucial for search engines 
  • Make sure pages discuss what the visitor is expecting to find 
  • Don't clutter your pages 
  • Avoid lots of flashy banners and adverts, they cheapen a site
  • Don't include pages of text that doesn't say anything - no waffling!
  • Make sure you include clear contact details!