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The right Designer for the job

Tony Price - Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm in support of the notion of saving money on any project whenever practical.  But, I also understand that you get what you pay for!

Businesses in various design related industries will offer to do design or logo work for you even though they have little training or experience in good design, logo creation or branding.  While at the time this might sound like a good deal and a way to save a bit of running around the client more often than not ends up spending money on material that they just can't use.

How is this so?

I've had clients approach me about design work for printed promotion material or business stationery.  When I've asked if they have a logo they happily supply me with the low quality jpg image designed by their web developer for a website.  The file is not suitable for high resolution print production.
Unfortunately their web developer has no experience with print and cannot supply them with a suitable logo file.  So I end up having to reproduce the logo in a high quality format which is an additional cost passed onto the client.  
If the client had picked the right designer for the job they would only have had to pay for 1 logo, not 2.

This is almost the reverse of the first example.  A sign writer designed a large, flashy logo for a client.  It has lots of thin lines and swoopy details.  It could have these because it is being printed on the side of a 30 foot billboard so there is plenty of room for all the different elements.
The client wanted the logo added to a new website.  Websites cannot support overly complex logos as there is just not enough definition on a computer monitor to portray all the detail.  So they have to get another one designed.  Once again, more cost for the client.

The way to avoid these situations is to contact Martian first!
I have experience in producing logos and design work suitable across a wide range of media.  Every logo i design is produced with all the standard forms of industrial production in mind.  So you can be sure it will work on your signs, your cards, your website, your vehilce - everywhere!

For more information about getting the right design for all jobs, contact me.