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Something Wicked this way comes!

Tony Price - Thursday, August 01, 2013

When your baker client gets told by their customers that their pies are "wicked", what can they do but request a rebrand of their product to "Wicked Pies"!

Kathrin at Lavish foods asked me to whip up a suitable logo for her pies and pastries using the name Wicked and incorporating the image of a small pie on a rococo-style fork.

Well, you can't get a more well defined brief than that!

The logo had to be vector-based (as if I'd do it any other way) and needed to be able to be reproduced as spot colour line-art for stamps and basic print, as well as awesome full colour.

A few hours with the tablet in Adobe Illustrator and voila!  One Wicked Pies and Pastries logo!
Soon to be added to branding items, a website and advertising.