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Rebuilding the LAVISH Logo

Tony Price - Friday, March 01, 2013

This is a type of job that turns up quite often.  For one reason or another a client arrives with a version of their logo that is sub-par.  Often it is a case of the artwork being a JPG, or other low resolution graphic, which is not suitable for large scale print or vinyl cutting applications.

In this case the clients files were vector based but the scroll work in the logo appeared to have been "auto-traced" from a previous image version and full of errors.  This was no surprise as I noticed the tell-tale errors in a vinyl cut sign the client has already had made.

Auto-Tracing is a tool in Adobe Illustrator that allows the user to convert an image to a vector representation.  It is a very handy tool but the results are very much determined by the quality of the original image and the expertise of the designer.  It is common to have to tidy up some of the auto-traced paths to ensure the end result is nice and regular but often times this step is ignored in favour of banging out the job as quickly as possible.

As I knew I would be using this logo on a number of print jobs and possibly some future vinyl sign writing I decided it was worth rebuilding it so we would have high quality end result.  Just like cooking; it's better to start out with the best ingredients!

Using the clients original vector file as a rough guide I redrew the scrollwork using my tablet and the ink-scribe tools from Astute Graphics.  Once one side was built I simply mirrored it to create the opposite side.  A quick search online landed me a copy of the free font used for the text and soon there was a brand-spanking new, clean, vector logo ready for any type of industry production required.

If you have a logo that needs rebuilding or cleaning up, please feel free to contact me.