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Raw Pawz Re-brand

Tony Price - Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quite often a client will come to me for one job and end up asking me to tackle a whole bunch of additional projects.

This was the case with Nita from Raw Pawz NZ.  While we were discussing updating her to a new Business Catalyst e-commerce website we ended up talking about a few branding issues she had.  Next thing I know I have 2 new logos, business cards, product labels, car sign writing, banners and product cards to add to my list!

The Raw Pawz logo had to come first as it was going on everything.  To give the logo a friendly look I went for a hand-written style.  It's not a font, it's actually hand written.  This is a great way to make your logo completely unique.  The heart was a re-vamp of what had been originally attempted with the businesses first logo.  Once the Raw Pawz logo was done the K9 Oils logo needed the same treatment.  K9 Oils is one of Nita's products and the design had to relate directly to the Raw Pawz style.  Luckily half a heart looks a lot like the number nine!

The Raw Pawz van has been sign written and the company cards are printed.  Soon we will have an upgraded site and the rest of the promo material completed.