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Clients often ask "What is the difference between a logo and a brand?"
Well, if I was to describe them as a person, the logo would be their face and the brand would be their clothes and the way they conduct themselves.

Branding is something we often take for granted.  It is around us everyday and we don't really notice it or think about it.  We generally only remember a company logo and trading name.  But think about all the well know companies whose services or products you use.  You know their logo, but what else is consistently the same whenever you deal with them?

  • They use the same colours on everything
  • They use the some type of text on all their packaging and promo material
  • Their stores all look and feel the same
  • Their staff wear the same uniforms
  • Their staff use the same terms and offer the same level of service
  • Their logo is the same no matter where it appears
  • They use a particular style of photography on all their advertising  
The list can go on.  It is this consistent, universal application of style that helps us remember and become comfortable with a business.  Would you be as familiar with McDonalds if every restaurant looked different and sold different burgers?  No.

While I'm describing large companies with big marketing budgets above, the same branding ideas are relevant to businesses of all sizes.   Even if you are a one-man-band these methods will help your business be remembered by existing customers and potential new customers.

What about the logo?
A logo should be designed with purpose.  With this in mind I sit with my clients or visit their business to gain an understanding of their products, services, methods, philosophy and target market.  Armed with this information I produce logo concepts that convey these ideals in a visual form.

Finished logos also need to be produced in a way that is suitable for reproduction across many industry production processes.  I produce vector artwork suitable for scalable reproduction and can supply alternative versions to suit many mediums.

For more information on branding and logo design please contact me.

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