about illustration

Unlike a lot of designers, I am also an illustrator.  
Illustrations are great ways to attract the eye and convey information, which is a boon for my clients who want to stand out from their competition and get their message across to their customers.

Illustrations are commonly used for:
  • Logos & Branding
  • Product Packaging
  • Company Mascots
  • Info-Graphics
  • Statistical Diagrams
  • Background Images
  • Adverts & Posters
  • Custom Apparel
  • Web Banners & Adverts
  • Web Icons & Buttons

I mostly use 2D "Vector" artwork methods to produce my work.  The benefit of this style of artwork is that it is easily scalable and able to be reproduced by most industry standard manufacturing processes.  This way clients can take their artwork to printers, sign writers, advertising agencies, embroiderers, screen printers, etc without having to worry about whether it will work or not. When you get an illustration from Martian, you are getting an original graphic specifically tailored to your needs. 

If you would like two know more about how unique illustration work can benefit your brand, please contact me.

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